Hands In

I learn more about leadership, motivation, and training in 60-minutes by coaching a 7-8 year old basketball team than I could learn in a month on the job.

The reason is a little counter-intuitive. I can make 100 leadership mistakes in a minute at practice, maybe more. I have my own little 10-person developmental laboratory where I can try out leadership strategies, write and revise training plans, and directly apply motivational techniques with the ability to get immediate feedback on their effectiveness. In this case, my DPMO (defects per million opportunities) is quite high --- but I learn something from each mistake.

This picture was taken right after a 32-8 victory. During this game, I learned (1) many hands make light work, (2) most production will almost always come from a core team, and (3) all role players are star performers in the right circumstances.

On the last point, one of our role players had not scored up to this point in the season. In an effort to motivate her, the grandparents offered her $20 per basket. Being a clever player, she told her teammates about the offer and together they conspired to create shot opportunities. Four baskets and $80 later, a star performer was born. Although the payment was a one-game offer, she continues to perform at the higher standard and is now my 3rd leading scorer for the season.

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