Lean Six Sigma Milestone: 1,000 Students

At the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) annual conference, professionals crowded in to the room to hear the Navy presentation on Lean Six Sigma.
A total of 82 students packed a room designed for 50; somewhere in the room is my 1,000th student!

The good news is that the demand for Lean Six Sigma content remains strong; young professionals clearly see the link between process improvement skills and career advancement.
If there is bad news, then it lies in the Navy's drifting away from the tools and techniques of Lean Six Sigma toward other process improvement systems.

This may in fact be the end of a chapter --- we are now looking ahead to DESIGN THINKING as a way to improve Navy processes.

DESIGN THINKING captures the basic essence of Lean Six Sigma, but it focuses more deliberately on design from an end-user's perspective.
Okay, so now it is time to find my first DESIGN THINKING student!

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